A Complete Beginners Guide to Coin Master Mobile Game!

Cion Master Beginners Guide

Coin Master is a brand-new epic adventure game introduced by Moon Active. Every player in the game needs to spin the wheel for obtaining different items.

Mainly the game is based on maintaining the villages. You are the Viking king of your town which is needed to upgrade more.

The game is developed to play in three formats Android, Facebook, and iOS. There is no need to pay any cent for playing the game as it is freely offered but contains in-app purchases feature for some purpose.

Get ready for the thrilling adventures which will take you to different villages and island. Getting useful items from the wheel helps a player to progress in the game faster like no one another can.

Coin master game has developed for all age groups. It means from a child to adult; anyone can play it besides can explore endless fun.

Coin Master Gameplay Introduction

The gameplay is straightforward to understand as users need to spin the wheel for obtaining all items. The items will be used to upgrade the villages besides to progress in Coin Master Game faster.

The things you got from spin the wheel will decide the outcome and progress of the game. Also, with the help of in-app purchases features, you can buy different items as per needs and requirements.

Starting of the game

When you start the game, you’ll get 75000 coins to have a better kick start. Users can buy their village in 60000 coins and rest can spend to the upgrades.

Each time you build something in the town correctly, you are able to gain one star. With the help of 20 stars, players can move to another village or island.

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After building villages, the user is required to put any desired name for a game account. Although connecting the game account with Facebook offers an array of bonuses and rewards. Moreover, these are some of the best coin master cheats that you can follow to earn more coins as well as spins for free.

After completing the necessary tasks, you are required to swipe up the screen and reach the slot machine. In starting, gamers can spin the wheel eight times, and after that, they are offered five free spins per hour. If you need quick money, then using a coin master hack is another great option for you.

Game options

There are different advanced options added in the game which you can access easily without wasting more time.

Accessing the options allows you to understand the game besides all features. Don’t panic; the possibilities are straightforward to control and use.

Make sure that users are using the options correctly for grabbing extra benefits.

Essential items

Mentioned below are some of the vital things which may help gamers to progress faster without getting stressed.

  • Hammer- it can be used to attack other villages or islands. The weapon can be used only once and after attacking it’ll disappear. So, make sure that you are using this weapon correctly at the right place and at the right time.
  • Shields- no doubt shields can be used to protect your village from outer damages or attacks. Like you can attack other villages for progressing, they can also attack you for a specific purpose.

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