A practical guide to Pixel car racer

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Car racing is one of the most beautiful and lovely concepts in mobile games. You should try pixel car racer game in your spare time to have some great entertainment. Hundreds of games are being launched on the regular basis but there are few which make a special place in your mind. Pixel car racer is one of the most trusted names and huge download counting reveals this fact. On the starting, there is nothing to pay. Gradually, you can move further and make it more challenging and interesting with in-app purchases.

How to prepare for the race

The interesting fact is that any kinds of mode are there by which anyone can make this game more challenging and fun giving. In the starting player should go for the beginning mode. In this mode, the car will be on the stage and the only thing that is to run it on the full speed. Accelerator is there to press and run on very fast speed.

Before going on the full fledge it is necessary to do the burnout of the game. Do this to make sure that car is on the stage. After getting the car on the stage it will be ready. There will be a get ready sign that will be there for it.  Moreover, you canuse Pixel Car Racer Hack for making more and more resources for free in the game.

Wait for it and after few seconds of the signs get disappear, Notice the starting of the countdown. There will be lights right in front and notice the green light. When the light turns into green, press the accelerator to speed up the car.

Try amateur

The next thing that you should do is try the game on the amateur mode. It is one of the most trusted modes by which you can learn a lot and enjoy the various segments of the game more than anyone else. This will make your day and you will certainly fall in love with the game.

The method of playing in this mode will be similar to the beginning mode of Pixel car racer but here you will have to keep shifting the gear using the up and down and plus, minus keys.

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Many advantages are there for playing the game in this mode because you will be getting additional benefits for your efforts. Here you will be getting nearly 33 percent more cash than the other mode in the starting.  Thus playing Pixel car racer in the Amateur mode has its own advantages.

Expert mode

Expert mode will offer more cash in the Pixel car racer game. But you will have to cross the starting line. Yes, you must be able to come far from the starting line to have access to expert mode. Here you will be getting 66 percent more cash than the beginner mode. This is going to be very beneficial because you can later utilize this cash in the right manner. It is better to make the huge collection of the cash to keep the pace of the game interesting.

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