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Free Psn Codes To Get Unlimited Gaming Pleasure

Sony Interactive Entertainment pitched out a digital media entertainment called the PlayStation Network. It is majorly a video game console, launched in the year 2006. Though it started as a game console, it eventually involved to gadgets like smartphone, tablets, televisions and the like. Since then it became a massive hit across globe. Psn creations are exclusive on their online marketplace, PlayStation Store, where one can find all subscriptions for entertainments.

PlayStation started with the launch of PlayStation 2. They were crowd catching, with its amazing gaming programmers and huge number of picks in its online network. But it was not prove to be a platform for cross-game. There were network restrictions specific to each game and third party server. Few years later, Sony launched PlayStation 4, with better functionality and interconnected services proving to be a better success than its predecessor. Apart from this, Sony also launched PlayStation Plus which works more like a networking site but for gamers. This provides access to gaming content, exclusive products, discounts and an early access to the forthcoming games. (Who wouldn’t want that?)

In the long run Sony also acquired videogame streaming service Gaikal and OnLive, enlarging its network. It is after this acquisition, cloud based gaming was prominent with the video games. Gamers could play games with their opponents from anywhere round the world.

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What makes Playstation network one of its kinds?

  • The cloud based gaming has brought about connecting gamers around the world. One can add approx. 100 friends on Ps3 and the number increasing in Ps4
  • Online gaming providing a multiplayer, cross platform and matchmaking play.
  • There is live from PlayStation that enables you to browse games.
  • Every gamer is provided with a portable ID
  • PlayStation 4 allows remote play which enables gamers to stream games from Ps4 to their Sony smart phones or tablets.
  • Inviting friends to join to the gaming session.
  • Limited access to age restricted contents, carts and contacts.
  • The games in PlayStation Store is supported in all Ios and Android mobile devices
  • The playroom allows you to play mini games of augmented reality, making your living room lively.

PlayStation plus is a paid subscription for psn that provides users various benefits like that of store discounts, early access to upcoming games, software update and the like. Complimenting the subscription each subscribed customer is given six games every month and also 10GB of internal storage space for the game storage.

For those who can’t get a subscription, not to worry, there is PlayStation network cards. These cares are basically electronic money used for purchases in the PlayStation Store. The cards contain codes, called psn network codes, which earns credit points in your virtual wallet. These are mainly designed for those who do not own a credit card. There are free psn codes that are available in some legit sites like which would enable you gain credit points.

These codes are generated from psn code generator. The code generators are imitation and, in most cases, tend to extract personal information. There aren’t any legitimate code generators, so beware of frauds! Get Paid to sites are the other source of psn codes.

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