How To Earn More Credits In IMVU- Mobile Game! 3 Effective Ways

IMVU game is a prominent chat program using multiple Avatars in the virtual world. Here you can meet new players to chat with them in addition to become friends.

In the game, every player needs to customize their avatar in order to perform multiple tasks. When it comes to customizing your avatar and buying various elements for them, one needs to earn game credits in a sufficient amount.

Credits are considered as the primary and premium currency of the game from which every user can buy many items.

Not only buying various items credits are used at different locations also to complete the task. In other words, we can say that if a user needs to enjoy the game, then he/she needs to earn more credits.

It’s not an easy task to make the credits more. Don’t panic as here we discuss some simple steps which help a lot.

Play with your pet

Each player gets a chance to choose the favorite pet in order to play with them. When you play with a pet, you can easily earn a minimum of 10 credits each time. Don’t forget to play with the pet which permits to enjoy more and to earn credits. You can have some imvu hack and tricks to get even more credits.

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Become a fan of IMVU on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, then it’s the time to use it effectively. When you link Facebook with IMVU, then it provides you the opportunity to get a higher number of credits. Even a single like on IMVU page permits you to earn 500 credits.

Complete the offers

Various tasks are available in the game on 100 different locations. One can easily play the game to complete the levels without getting bored in addition to earning a specific number of credits after completing each task. So, don’t forget to enjoy the chat at different places for making more.

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