Marvel Strike Force Guide For Currencies And Ways To Earn Them


Marvel Strike Force is a fun-loving F2P game introduced by FoxNext. Every player in the game needs to create a team of Marvel heroes and villains to protect the earth from dangerous attacks.

One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices. There is no need to pay charges for playing Marvel Strike Force game; however, players can go with in-app purchases feature also.

If you are a Marvel lover or get the chance to protect the earth, you must try Marvel Strike Force game. Lots of exciting challenges, tasks, skills, missions are added in the game that you can enjoy.

Playing each level besides understanding all features helps to explore endless fun. Also, you can reduce daily life stress quickly by playing the Marvel Strike Force game.

When it comes to progress in the game faster, purchase every single item, collecting resources, users need to earn in-game currencies. Maintaining all currencies wisely helps them to gain an array of benefits like no one another can without facing any complication.

Kinds of currencies

There are mainly four kinds of currencies used in the Marvel Strike Force game that you need to collect. Each currency plays a vital role besides contains its substantial benefits.

  • Gold
  • Orbs
  • Energy
  • Power cores

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Role of currencies and how to earn them

  • Gold

It is considered a soft currency of Marvel Strike Force that can be used to pay for anything such as hero levels to upgrades. Also, it can be used to pay for every single item available in the supply store.

Passing more missions, battles, essential tasks allows you to collect this currency in a more massive amount. Make sure that a user keeps some gold as a reserve because it can be used to upgrade any hero anytime.

  • Orbs

This kind of currency is used to unlock new and classic types of heroes in Marvel Strike Force. It means you can open your favorite hero and can add in the team with the help of orbs. Completing game offers allow players to earn Orbs also with in-app purchases feature.

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  • Energy

Energy is needed to carry out missions, challenges, tasks in heroes, and villains’ campaigns. It means you need more energy to recruit new heroes and play all missions wisely.

With the help of daily missions, power cores, and other achievements, you can refill the energy for more benefits.

  • Power cores

This kind of currency helps you to gain Orbs, energy refill as well as many game items to play efficiently. Through login every day in the game, completing essential missions, obtaining achievements, players can gain power cores.

Use currencies wisely

It’s not an easy task to earn all currencies quickly, like cutting a piece of cake. Users need to spend some efforts, time for gaining these currencies of Marvel Strike Force in a more massive amount. Moreover, there are few more marvel strike force cheats available to earn them for free in the game itsel.

Also, they can purchase it with in-app purchases feature by spending some real cash. You are suggested to use all currencies wisely without spending it on unnecessary items or tasks.

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