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Everwing Guide on Gameplay

Everwing Guide on Gameplay

Everwing is a popular Facebook and Messenger game introduced by the game industry for battle lovers. The game is a vertical scrolling third-person shooter that can be played solo or in a multiplayer mode.

Yes, there are both modes available in the game either you can play music or can defeat your friends in loots. Different raids are organized around messenger chat groups in which players wait to beat each other.

Well, the game is free to play and exciting enough to explore endless entertainment. In multi-chat groups or multiplayer mode, players are able to fight different bosses.

Don’t panic you don’t need to face the same levels again and again as every time you’ll get some new challenges to play.

Also playing the game smoothly helps you to enhance real-life mental skills in a short time. In the game, every player receives a fairy or guardian to save the mansion from different dangerous monsters.

Shooting various monsters quickly helps a player to progress in the game faster and become the pro player. Each level up offers new guardians to users.

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Each game contains its currencies from which the game can be played smoothly. Currencies play a vital role in the game from which different game items can be purchases besides game tasks can be performed.

Everwing set also includes some currencies in the form of coins, gems and trophies. It helps you to pass hard levels quickly without getting more stressed.

Coins are considered as the primary currency of the game from which standard eggs, silver eggs can also be purchased guardians can be upgraded.

Whereas on the other hand trophies are considered as the central currency of Everwing game that can be used to manage gold, ancient and magical eggs.

Also with the help of it gamers can collect more boss rate energies.


As we discuss, you can smoothly go for different raids to enjoy the game. Passing one boss by beating friends score helps users to earn trophies.

Go for the regular raid if you need to progress in the game faster like no one another can. With the help of it, a user can understand basics, system, controls, and everwing hacks that used by pro gamers.

Rank higher

Short the enemies more and win every boss or level to rank higher as compared to other gamers. Completing these tasks help users to earn all in-game currencies in the right amount for progressing faster.

Upgrade the fairies for better attack besides for passing each kind of mission quickly. So try to score higher as compared to others if you need to grab more advantages.

Sell dragons

If you are a newbie to the game, then try to find more rare dragons. Rare dragons contain the excellent value of the currency which a user can earn by selling them.

Selling rare dragons in high rates allows you to make more currencies for more upgrades. For grabbing more advantage of this job tries to perform this activity after passing the 20th level.